Cuts and Rolls

Cut Length or Roll Length?

Generally Carpets are made in length pieces of 25-30 metres, and 3.66m, 4m or 5 metres wide. Therefore a 20m x 4m roll equates to 80 square metres.

Roll Price -

As a rule, manufacturers will give better pricing on 80 metres or above, this is known as 'roll' price.

Cut Price -

Below this length, manufacturers charge a 'Cut' price, this is an increased price because they must allow a cost for cutting of a larger roll into the smaller size, and then having that balance left sat on the shelf, perhaps remaining there for a long period of time.
Under 80 square metres because of the lower quantity, our overall costing may be higher than a more local supplier. This is due to our overheads of travel for a relatively small job. In this instance it may be more cost effective for us to supply you direct to your door with the necessary materials, Carpets, Underlay, and Gripper etc.
However if we have a number of small jobs in the area we can complete them as one job and our costs would be far less.